Sunday, February 5, 2012

Owls and Other Lonely Birds

Many mornings I am awakened in the wee hours by the sound of a barred owl.  This owl has a distinct call that sounds like he is saying, "Who cooks for you?  Who cooks for you?"
Last night we heard him right before nightfall.  The other birds tipped me off.  Some cardinals and wrens live up near the house, and they were cutting up a fuss right before I went in.  I knew an owl was probably about, but of course, I couldn't see him.
My son heard the owl not long after, and I went out to see if I could catch a glimpse of him.
His voice was coming from right over there in one of those trees.  I stood still and searched for movement.  Soon enough, a big bird lit out from some unseen branch.  His silent wings sailed over my head and he landed above of me on this branch.
I'd say he was about 20 inches tall.  I could not see his eyes or his face or the color of his feathers, but I could see his head swiveling.  I wanted to call for someone else to come out and see him too, but I knew if I did, he would fly off.  He flew soon enough as it was.
I love to hear the owls.  The barred owl is fairly common lately.  They must nest around here.  Sometimes I hear is a hoot owl (or great horned owl) or two calling back and forth. My favorite to hear is the screech owl.  They are small owls and I have glimpsed them pretty close up.  Their call is a spooky, shrill ghost-like noise.
Once there was a noisy mockingbird in my front yard and around my bedroom window.  He would talk all night.  This is a male mockingbird.  He is solitary and lonesome, we say.  He sings until he finds a mate.  I think the girl bird just finally wears out and when she finally gives in, she must tell him, "Okay, okay. Just shut up already so we can get some sleep!"

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