Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is the warmest it has been all day.  Finally over 30 F, so I decided to go out and take a few pictures while there was sun.
I passed The Lady with the Dog out in her house slippers today and a cheerful yellow parka vest.  Giuseppe too was out and about.  I think we are all just happy yesterday's wind and gray skies are gone.
I must say, I really hate wind.

Once some years back (my was it nine years ago, really?), I was coming back from my daily morning pre-school drop off rounds when I saw some men working on the side of this house.
I thought nothing of it because the houses behind it were being remodeled or built, as well as the one across the street.  It was the time of the mass construction when the Buffer Zone was transforming and little houses that sold for $75,000 were going for $250,000, and many little ones were getting torn down altogether and replaced.
The next day, I read that this house had been broken into.  That men had come in through a side window the morning before.
I couldn't believe it.  I SAW that happening.  I just hadn't realized I was witnessing a crime.
The men I saw were taking a screen off these windows.  The bushes were not there at that time, or else they were very small. 
Imagine, that side of the house is not even secluded.  It is clearly observable from a four-way stop.  Now, many times when I stop there at the stop sign, I remember that morning I saw those guys.  It makes me wonder, as so many things do, how much is going on around us that we are seeing without really seeing.

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