Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dog(wood) Days

Yes, here down South the dogwoods are in full bloom.
Today was so lovely I was able to get up early, take the dog for a walk, and then bathe her outside in the little kiddie pool I keep just for that purpose.  The water was cold, but she was so hot from the walk that she didn't seem to mind.

Look at that clean dog!  (She was covered in pine pollen as well.)
A lot of people around here walk dogs or have dogs.  Tons of them are black labs.  I always say I want to have a Black Lab Party.  Everyone with a black lab can come and bring their dog.  I wonder if all of us owners would somehow look alike?
Really though, my dog would hate such a party.  She does not like other dogs.  When we go by this house, which used to have two Corgis, they all looked forward to barking at each other.

The little Corgis are not there anymore.  The path they wore in the grass as they ran back and forth against the fence is still there, though.  And outside the fence is a little garden where carved stones remember them.  (Maybe their ashes are there?)  Here's a pretty little piece of that garden, and the fence:

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