Saturday, March 24, 2012

Golden Pollen and Blonde Hair

This week has been so filled with golden pine pollen and teeny worms descending on silks that is has been pretty miserable to go out.  Everything is lovely and in bloom, but is best viewed through windows.
So, here's my house of the day.  It's a pretty cute one, don't you think?  There was a young man who lived here with his wife and daughters and he worked very hard to fix this place up.  He used to work at saw horses in the front yard until eleven o'clock at night.  The Garden Lady would go over and complain at that point.
He had long, straight, thick, golden blonde hair. California girl hair.  You'd see him in Home Depot with that hair down his back brushing the top of his belt and there was no mistaking him.  He wore it loose but with a ball cap on top.
His wife had trim brown hair and was pregnant when I first became aware of them.  Later, I would see her pushing one child in a stroller with the other in tow along the sidewalk. She had a slimness to her, wore delicate floral patterned type dresses, might come to the doorway barefoot.
He got this house looking so good.  He even had sod put in, though the yard had to be dug up and awhile back and never has recovered.
Then one day, he was out at his saw horse and Whoa!  He had cut off his hair! I became so much more aware of his face.  Kind of squarish and serious in a way I hadn't noticed before.   He said he had donated it.  I chuckled to think some little girl with cancer was wearing a man's hair.
But then, just as suddenly, he and his family moved.  Just gone.  Like that.
The Garden Lady said his wife had cancer and they had gone to be near her family.

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