Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nature's First Green . .

This first picture isn't so exciting, but it does capture the "gold" of  Frost's poem.
. is gold/Her hardest hue to hold.
So--on this sunny but cold day before I jazzed off to the library for a peaceful place to work without distraction, I took some pictures of early spring.
This little bush has been ready to burst for weeks.
Look what the blooms look like up close!
Lily surprise.
We call these helicopters.

Early azaleas--"The weed of the South"

Something about this reminds me of a poodle.
Hyacinth smell so good by the front door!

Camillas are giving their final pop.  Look at this one, all pepperminty!

Tiny tulip tree

And forsythia, always the first herald of spring.  Already here her early leaf's flower subsiding to leaf.

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