Sunday, April 29, 2012

Better Homes in Gardens

The last two posts left me thinking that this neighborhood looks pretty sketchy--which isn't entirely the case.  So, I decided to add some pictures of other types of homes found here because indeed the natural aspect of this area is my favorite thing about living here.  Like this nest which has been hanging above my car for several weeks.
Baby Robins

These last few days they have been making a horrible mess on the driveway under the nest (twice recycled food, if you get what I mean), and then whee--yesterday sometime, they flew.

 This squirrel friend lives in my backyard in a wren house that has had a squirrel sized hole in it for some years now.
The scratches on the outside were made by an owl,  I believe.

Sleepy Head 
I saw this raccoon when I was on my bicycle coming back from the local farmer's market. 
And this--well, this is NOT in my neighborhood.  Actually, it is at a little place called "The Goat Farm."  I will post about that place next time.  I think this looks like a gnome home.

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  1. What beautiful pictures - I love the first one with little beaks peeking out.


    Nina x