Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mystery House

Okay, so this here is the house of a patriotic neighbor.  See the flag?  Look closely at those large front windows on the right.  Yep, they are covered over with plywood.
I have seen the shed/garage on the right open.  It is crammed full of what looks to be electrical equipment.  So full, in fact, that the equipment may be holding up the frame of the shed.  The van comes and goes.  It is also full of equipment.  If I had to guess, I would say the occupant of this house is probably an electrician. I would also guess that the occupant is a single man.  What gives me that idea, I wonder?

Once I had a dog that ran away and did not come back.  I wondered if he went here and was captured in a building in the backyard, or in a hole in the floor a la Silence of the Lambs.  When I heard about the girl who spent her life as a child and teenage concubine living in a tent shanty in her captor's backyard, this place made me wonder.

Wondering aside, I did see a dead fox in the gutter in front of this house once.  A fox! In fact, I turned my car around and stopped and got out to look at the fox to make sure he actually WAS a fox and not a dog.

So, I bet it is pretty dark inside that house with the windows covered like that--but, I'd really rather not think too much more about the inside of that house.

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