Monday, April 2, 2012

Three Tree Stories

I had to see our tree man today about taking down an oak that has grown all one sided.  He noticed a pine that seemed unhealthy as well.  I am fortunate enough to have loads of big pine trees, so losing one is not a problem (except for the cost).
Anyway, here is the funny little remains of a tree down the street.
The house on the left is a new one.  The one that used to sit there had a big tree out front which crashed on the roof over the front door.  That house was a little one and the tree was huge, sort of like this:

Notice how this one has been chopped so the power lines can go through.  So weird.
Anyway,  it was a tree that created shade so dense that nothing grew under it, so the yard was dirt.  Sometimes in the South this is called a "swept yard."
The house had a wheelchair ramp and a narrow wood porch just big enough for a little grill that the paraplegic wheelchair guy used to grill out on with his friends who stood around shirtless drinking canned beer.  This was in the days when most of us didn't have central heat and air, so the front door was often open and you could look in and see a huge Dixie flag hung up as a wall decoration.
Well, when that tree crushed the roof, everyone speculated on what would happen to the house. Would the landlord fix it, or ditch it?
Well--now it looks like this:

The wheelchair guy moved to some apartments around the corner.  I still him from time to time.
Then, there is this tree:

Once I lost a cat up it.  I saw a man with a ladder and asked him if he would help me get my cat down.  He just laughed.  "Lady," he said.  "You don't see any cat skeletons in trees do you?"
Very funny.

I also saw a squirrel fall off one of those high branches onto the road.  He landed with a "BAM!"  Which freaked me out because squirrels are acrobats and hardly ever fall.  Well, this one sure fell!  He laid in the road a minute and then crawled s-l-o-w-l-y away into the brush under the tree, surely to die. :-(

So, now when I see a little squirrel on the ground who looks to be asleep, I figure he must have fallen.

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