Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Weekend

So--this weekend, instead of staying home cleaning the yard or getting things done, I shrugged off all that and went out and about instead.  Starting in town.

 We decided to lunch at a historic downtown restaurant.  Super Southern Food Deluxe!  Here we have buttered biscuits, black-eyed peas, green beans, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, pot roast, bar-b-que chicken, blackened catfish, and fried catfish.  Not pictured is the peach cobbler, pickled watermelon, and sliced tomatoes.  Whew!
I had to take a picture of the decor.  I must say I was pretty aghast at all of these heads, and the gun racks with rifles was definitely over-the-top.  Notice the couple at the far left.  These people are in costume for Dragon-Con the fantasy and sci-fi convention.  The next couple were Auburn fans, in town for the football game, and next to them in orange are the Clemson fans.  (I really wanted a picture just of the Clemson people sat with the gun rack at their back, but wasn't brave enough to ask for a photo.)
 Out on the streets I was able to snap a few shots of Dragon-Con people, and I saw loads more I didn't photograph at the convention itself where I went to buy a pass for my son.  It reminded me of being in Venice at carnival (but much, much hotter).

 On Saturday night, we went to the baseball game.  These two mustachioed people (one is a woman) may have been at Dragon-Con earlier.  Or maybe not.  Anyway, they seemed flattered to have their picture taken while buying tickets.
 And take a look at those foot-long hot dogs!  (Their dad asked if he needed to sign a waiver when I asked them for a picture :-))

 Our team (the Braves) was behind the whole game, but scored 5 runs in the very last inning, winning when Chipper Jones slammed a home-run out of the park to put us ahead by one point!  Whoa!  I know everyone who walked out early was very sad they did.  And all of us who yelled the entire bottom of the 9th were crazed with excitement.


  1. Why go to a game if you're not going to stay the full nine innings? What a fun post.

    We have similarly-decorated restaurants in Wisconsin - often with the word "Lodge" as part of the name. All-you-can-eat Friday night fish fry is the classic regional food on offer. :)

  2. Looks like a great weekend. So you live in Georgia, so do I. A newbie here and I love it. Let me know where about you are at. I would be interested to getting to know some people. I moved not knowing many people here.
    I was in Atlanta last week for a concert. I was not there long enough to really enjoy it but want to go back. Love your pictures and always the words.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying! Yes. I live in the ATL, as we say. In Decatur. My husband is Ok Productions--so if you saw a concert it might have been "brought to you by" him. Funny because my son just got back from a week in Tybee yesterday.

    2. Awesome! We are big fans of Tybee Beach. I would love to return to Atlanta ... there is a Ray Lamontange concert in November I would love to go to. Or maybe check out the High Art Museum . Or love to visit "Yokoo" my muse. If you dont know her look her up she is a force to be reckoned with. Next time I am in ATL I will let ya know.