Sunday, October 21, 2012

October is Orange

 What is it about October that makes us all run out and buy pumpkins? The calendar turns and these guys pop up in people's yards like mushrooms after rain.
Maybe it's that there is somethings satisfyingly AUTUMN about the big round orangey-ness of them!

And little by little, the ghosties start cropping up.

I love it.  People really get enthusiastic about Halloween around here.  
I'll have to get out and collect more pictures this week.


  1. My kids love to walk about the neighborhoods here too. It is hard to avoid getting in the spirit. We carved our pumpkin today and started making a mask for my twelve year old with his heart set on a mask he designed himself.
    Looking forward to your pictures!

  2. People get pretty enthusiastic here too. There are some very intricate yard displays, most featuring headstones with creative inscriptions. A house in the next town has gone minimalist by simply putting up a HUGE black spider on its second story. Very effective!