Sunday, October 7, 2012


Once there was a teenaged boy who lived in this house (his parents may live there still).  He was a bit of a trouble maker, though not all that bad.  I remember he had a collection of ninja type throwing stars he used to swagger around with and I think the police had to come to his house once about something, but all-in-all he was okay.
Another teenaged boy moved in a few houses down (no picture because the lady of the house was out working in her yard this afternoon) and he was real trouble.
One day, these two boys--they were about thirteen or fourteen--hung my nine year old son in a tree by his t-shirt.  They pulled the back of his shirt up by the neck and hung him on a short branch and taunted him.  He struggled, but couldn't free himself.  Another little boy who was passing by ran to get his mom.  The mother came at once, stopping her car and rescuing my son.  While she was freeing my son, the second trouble-making teen got in her car and attempted to drive it away!  She yelled at him as he was backing up and he stopped and ran off.
My son came home with the neck of his shirt stretched out enormously and told me what had happened.  Years later the first, ninja star kid became something of a friend, coming to our house once in awhile to play Yu-gi-oh card games and etc.  But the other moved away.
We always laugh at the gall that kid had in attempting to drive away from the scene of his crime!


  1. Wow. And where is he now? Not in prison, I hope. Boot camp might be a good place....

  2. Oh my! My son is one of those kids that gets picked on. He is eleven years old but he rather read Charles Dickens or write his own story than do some crazy shenanigan these days. He has gotten to the point where he is happy with who he is but still does not understand how people can be so mean. I just keep telling him that I love him and hope that I am not the only one who sees how awesome he is to his peers.
    Glad your son turned out to be ok.
    The world needs more kids like yours and mine befreinding and forgiving folks.