Monday, November 5, 2012

Autumn Cemetery

 On Sunday, we wandered over to the cemetery.  Everything was calm and quiet, and it felt good to put on a sweater and slush through dampened leaves.  All the trees here, and the relief from heat and insects, make autumn my favorite season.
Maybe because Halloween has just passed--or maybe just because--this grave caught my eye.  Sorry, but I thought it was a little weird.

 Roaming here made me think of Neil Gaiman's excellent Graveyard Book where a boy who ran from danger was taken in by ghost spirits in a graveyard and raised by them.

It was overcast, and rained on us even though the weather channel on the ipod said "No chance of rain."  It wasn't pelting rain though.  In fact, it was rather pleasant.
On the way back home, we saw this little basket set out for any passing neighbor.  These little peppers are so beautiful to look at, but we passed on taking any.  They are very, very hot.


  1. What a strange gravestone. And what kind neighbours! X

  2. Are they walking into a tunnel or a spiderweb?

    Gorgeous habaneros - I've never seen them yellow before. And yes, muy muy caliente! :)

  3. That gravestone is quite creepy. Bet they were an eccentric couple.
    I do love autumn here in savannah too. The temperature is great and the colors are yummy.
    Oh my those peppers are quite pretty .. I would not venture to eat one but my son would love them.