Saturday, November 24, 2012


One of the things I wanted to do this long holiday was to get out of the city and hike around in the wilderness.  We went to Cloudland Canyon hoping to see some vibrant fall foliage.  Unfortunately, we were too late for that.
The canyon is a fairly small one (for me anyway, who grew up out west) and made of sandstone and shale.  We started at the top and hiked down.

I have had to learn that the pleasure of this east coast wilderness is in the small details rather than in the resplendent majesty of the western United States.
(You can tell where my preference lay right away by my diction here, can't you?)

 At the end the day, as we were heading home, looking for food on a day most rural places were shut, we were startled by a giant and colorful kite floating out across the road.  It was a hang gliding man, and we stopped to watch a few others launch until the wind got too cold for us to endure in our light jackets.

 But just imagine!  Jumping off this escarpment!  Woohoo!


  1. When I was younger I dreamed of learning to hang-glide ... no more, thank you! :)

    Yes, the beauty is quieter and on a smaller scale in the Midwest too. But that's okay - I like small things. Your leaf photo is stunning, also the waterfall and the sandstone layers. And that last photo! Makes my hands cold for some reason. I love the light coming through the cloud.

  2. I too had a daring streak when I was younger now with kids I am much more sober. But looking at these pictures brought that back. If I were any animal I always said it would be a bird like and eagle or falcon they look so strong and care free.
    These pictures also made me want to go hiking and i miss that.
    Now a hot air balloon ... maybe.