Sunday, November 4, 2012


Halloween is always a favorite holiday around here.  Back in the day, there would be only one or two trick-or-treaters.  Then came the years I went out with my kids, so we just left a bowl of candy on our porch so anyone coming by could help themselves.
This year I was home to answer the door.  There seemed to be a good turn out, lots of sweet little goblins and princesses and not too many bigger kids without costumes.  In fact, I only had one of those.  This neighborhood is so weird.  There are these older kids who come late.  They get out of a car and go to select houses and get back to their car.  I guess they pick which house to go to by the decorations.  Around here many, many people decorate.  

Julius Caesar ghoul???

My personal favorite.  

My favorite Halloween story is one that happened a few years ago.  A group of kids--old enough to be out trick-or-treating without adults--were hanging out by our mailbox.  One of them flicked his cigarette on the ground before coming up to our door.  !!   I think that's the epitome of a certain age, one foot knocking on the grown-up door, and one foot still in the comforting world of childhood.

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  1. This year we went door to door for the first time. We used to live in NY and there you just do go door to door ... you go store to store. Its a bit different. So our time in the burbs was great , with some homemade costumes too. We are still trying to get to the bottom of our sweet stash.
    That scarecrow is my favorite one ... it looks home made.
    Nice pics of the decorations!