Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pet Psychics

Inspiration for today's post comes from a conversation I had with a woman this week.  She told me she was having problems with her dog and her pet psychic said that her dog gets jealous of other dogs because he thinks he is more handsome.  I am not the sort of person to scoff at the way people solve their problems, at least not to their face, and I held up my end of this (to me) wacky conversation politely.

This is not the first person I have met who has consulted a pet psychic.  The family in the house pictured above also consulted one.  They had a cat my son used to feed for them when they were on vacation.  Once they were gone for the weekend and we never saw the cat and he never came to eat his food.  We looked for him in the house (but not too deeply because we didn't want to invade their privacy--mostly we went from room to room and called for him).  When they returned, they found they had accidentally closed him in the basement.  He was okay.

The cat owner was not concerned really, she said that once this cat had run off and disappeared for weeks on end.  Her mother then recommended a cat psychic who had a good reputation for finding lost animals.  And in the end, the psychic found their cat!  The detail that amazed me however, was that the psychic was in California--at the whole other end of the United States.  She had asked that they email her maps of the neighborhood.  I guess with these maps she was able to apply her mojo and tell the family where to find the cat.

Miraculous as this was, I still have heavy doubts about pet psychics.

Sometimes when my job gets particularly chaotic and time consuming, I do think about becoming a pet masseuse.  You know, setting up a sort of Zen room with soft Japanese string music and one of those things with water trickling over stones.  People would pay for that I bet.  Someone probably already does this, I'm sure.  In the end though, I don't think it would really be all that rewarding because I am such a sceptic, doing dishonest work just isn't my thing.  Ah, alas.


  1. I've never really had psychic tendencies, though I believe that some folks do... However, with a few of my pets (not all of them), I have been able to read their minds. It's actually quite convenient, when I can.

    Yes, people do pay for pet massage. :)

  2. I'm not sure that rubbing Rover's back would be "dishonest" work ... it sounds quite pleasant as you describe it. :)

    I like that rabbit stencil in your header photo.

  3. I can tell you that there are places like that in NY where I used to live. Pet zen spas... whatever. I dont get it.
    There are people that will pay for it though.