Monday, January 28, 2013

Seen around Town

Still keeping my eyes out for interesting art here and there.
I know that it is snowy and cold in some places, but not here.  I took these on Sunday while running errands and waiting around in the car.

 Seems a coffee house sprung up here while I was doing other things . . .
  It caught my attention this time.

How could I have missed it before??

I'm not so keen on this one, just thought the bird was weird.
Stay turned here for more of this.  The next ones are my favorites so far.


  1. Some of this may be graffiti, but aren't the artists talented? I love the coffee house art - in Madison there are some small businesses with paintings like this on their buildings.

    The gun-toting female (alien?) is interesting too - are those extra arms coming out from the sides of her bosom?

    1. Actually, they are feet. This picture was the clearer of the two I took. The other showed the ends of her high heels better.
      These look like graffiti, but are actually part of something called the Living Walls project. The graffito nature offends some people, but I think it is way better than gang tags.

  2. the coffee house art is great !