Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Long House

So, the elementary school music teacher used to live here.  When he was introduced at the Welcome Back to School night, the audience gave a HUGE cheer and I wondered what I had missed.  Who was he?  I'm not sure I ever found out.  He was only the music teacher for one year I think, then he moved away.  He and his partner and son lived here.  The boy was something of a terror.  He sliced the tires of  the Barefoot Garden Guy and was up to other mischief--some serious like bringing a knife to school,  some not-so-serious like passing around a picture of a naked girl on a motorcycle.  I'm not sure what happened, but his father the music teacher was involved in some sort of ruckus and was more or less asked to leave.  ?

Before they lived in the house, a woman lived here with a little boy.  She used to drive her young son to the bus stop which was only about six houses away, or she would walk with him while still in her night dress. This was always weird to me--too short of drive, but too long for a half dressed walk.  She used to talk about gambling in Biloxi in a familiar way like it was something I too did with frequency (I've never been to Biloxi or even gambled at all).  In the summer I heard her yelling at her boy to run from the car to the house quick so he wouldn't get bit by a mosquito and get West Nile.

Now a young married couple live here.  The house got well spruced up with new paint and plantings, and beautiful notecards were sent to all the neighbors informing us all that a BIG IMPORTANT EVENT was upcoming so Please Excuse the Guests who would be parking all along the streets.  The day of the event, the place was decked out with miles of red fabric draped on the new back fence and garlands on the gazebo like structure that seemed to be placed where once there had been a pool.  Loads of well dressed people showed up wearing hats and flowing dresses.  (We wondered if they were celebrating Kentucky Derby Day--because it was that same day.)  A group of older men assembled on chairs in the front yard and seemed to be greeting people.  Then, and this is the best detail, a decorated HORSE arrived (Derby Day?) with a lovely lady in red on top!  She was the bride.


  1. Some buildings seem to have a weird sort of karma.

  2. That sounds like a terrific event. I like that red door....