Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bright Day

It has been a bright and cheerful Valentine's weekend.
These tulips were a gift from my very own sweetheart.

Then today he coaxed me out of our cozy house and over to the art museum.  It was freezing in the wind and shade in spite of the sun, but the art was well worth the trip!  

It's hard to believe I felt cold looking at all the sun in these pictures!


  1. Flowers look wonderful

    Love to see Frida

  2. Blossom....big sigh!

    I found the old case for a couple of pounds in a thrift shop - I absolutely love it.

    Nina x

  3. Wow, you have blossom already! Tulips and Frida - nice guy you have there! It's been freezing cold with blue skies here too.

    Your comments about the jammy dodgers made me smile - I have no idea where that ridiculous name came from, but so many British biscuits/cookies do have odd names, it's true. Hope you enjoyed them. :-)

    Gillian x

  4. Thanks for popping over and saying hello - it's always really interesting looking at blogs from somewhere else in the world so I'm off to have a mooch. (Very jealous of the Frida exhibition - don't think it'll make it to my neck of the woods!)x Jane

  5. I wanted so badly to see the Frida show ... did you go? I am a huge fan.
    Its a bit of a drive from Savannah and two kids.
    I hope to visit soon.
    Tulips are alway lovely !