Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Smiles

Okay, so I thought this was pretty funny.
Wondering what this guy did before he became a realtor?

 I saw this little bird and his friends early today and thought he was sparrow or a maybe a female house finch.  After closer study, and this picture is pretty poor, I am fairly sure he is a pine siskin, which means he is smaller, stripier, and has a smaller beak than his buddies the finch.  When he and a gold finch were side by side, I was pretty sure my deductions were right.  I know some people are not excited by birds, but I am!  Winter often brings many unusual species our way and I love adding new ones to my list.

Today my new boots arrived!  Hooray!  I have wanted these for so long.  When they went on sale for half price--zwoop!  I had to have them.


  1. I love watching the birds at the feeders in our garden....they eat better than us! X

  2. That realtor name is hysterical! I hope he has a sense of humor ... or his parents did.
    I learn so much about birds from you. ;)
    Those boots look like my old Dr. Marteens.. with out the buckle. They are my favorite too.