Saturday, February 9, 2013

Well, It's Snowing Somewhere . . .

But not here.
It was truly like spring today!  I felt like I should get out there and clean up the yard, but I really had too much desk work to do.  Great flocks of red winged blackbirds made so much noise I could hear them from inside the house and just had to go out to look.
More indoor work tomorrow, I'm afraid, but this glorious weather is tempting me.
My touring bike frowned at me today from the back of the garage.  "How could you let my tires go flat?"she seemed to say.  I tried patting my "old lady" neighborhood bike as an excuse, but she wasn't appeased.  (I haven't ridden that one in over a month either.)
Well next weekend is a long four day, so I have a lot planned.  It's our snow days that we never took because it hasn't snowed--not one single flake.


  1. There has been a lot of noise here in Savannah. My first winter spent in the south and it is hard to get used to all the blooming going on. The Camila tree still as lovely as ever. All the activity from the birds make it feel like spring.
    The news from the north is quite bad with all the snow. I am so glad we moved.
    That blue feeder is gorgeous!

  2. It's starting to feel faintly springlike up here too. The sky is a softer blue, and the air smells different. The ground is still snow-covered, and the only leaves to be seen are on last year's oaks. But spring is coming, and I'm dying to get out on the bike! Put some miles in for me. :)