Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Dreams

I finally found time to clean up my yard and put in a little vegetable box.  Hooray!  I have always used barrels for tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, but I wanted to have a go at some other edibles.  My problem is that I have so much shade.  The sun shines on the driveway.  Hence, my container gardening.  But I've been watching the sun patterns over the last summers and have decided I can probably grow a few things in this one little space.

Look at that smiling wolf on the far left!  Better than a scarecrow.

 Here's what everything looks like now.  In another few weeks I'll take another picture for comparison.

Lemon tree blossom
Lots of blossoms.  Will there be lots of lemons?
Blood oranges.  New this year.  

Looking over the shade.  Sometimes I imagine putting in a pool here.  Something rustic with stones around it like you might find in Hawaii or some place.  I don't really care for swimming, but the idea of a pool seems relaxing.  Of course, while I'm imagining, I imagine a pool guy too to keep all the leaves and pine straw/cones/general mess out.  While I'm at it, he can bring my lunch in a dish with a cover over it, and lemonade with lots of ice and a long straw, and he may as well do the dishes too.  And he can be very handsome and bring a large leaf fan thing--okay, okay!  Enough.
I'll just keep the yard and the rabbit run.

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  1. As long as you're at it, have him cook the dinner and make the beds too. :)

    It's very exciting to see all your young plants - we are just now realizing that in a few weeks it will be safe to plant here.

    The wolf looks fascinating....