Wednesday, June 26, 2013


     I had not been to the botanical gardens here in years.  So, of course, when visitors from out of town came by, I went.  Isn't that how it so often is?  We go around as tourists in other towns, but neglect the features of our own?
Here are some amazing topiary:

A goddess

I especially loved the orchids:

Looks like a welcoming alien

There's something sea creature like about these guys.

The orchids are all together in an enormous humid green house.  There is also a desert house, a cold tropics house, and a warm tropics house.

Vines in the warm tropics house.

And here is my own little botanical project: 

No special "house" needed here.


  1. Leaping Lizards!! That place is amazing! Orchids are one of my favorite flowers. Wow and that goddess !
    I love your flower pot too. They look like little violets.

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  3. Amazing topiaries! I love orchids too, because they are not only prolific, they're unique, very unique!

  4. Those orchids are weird but beautiful too. It usually takes a visit from out of town family for us to go and visit all out local attractions. x