Thursday, June 13, 2013

Green Thumb

Is it possible we have green thumbs around here this year?

First green beans I have ever grown!

Zucchini blossoms and teeny zucchini if you look closely

One of many emerging cucumbers

Zinna seedlings

Marigold seedlings from last fall's seed harvest

     It is wonderful to go out each day and see the surprise of each new fruit or plantlet or blossom!  We usually grow only tomatoes and peppers in containers, and have never been sure we really have enough sun to sustain much else.  We decided to go for it anyway and try one of these prefab garden boxes--and it has worked so well!  I think too that part of the success is our compost, made from years of chucked out vegetable matter and rabbit mess.
     I bought this little bird house at an art show and debated whether or not to put it outside or keep it indoors.  I set it here, semi protected from the weather by the eves of the house, and sure enough, some wren's moved in.  Each time I pass it,  I can hear the little chicks inside peeping, and every once in awhile intersect with the mother or father bird on their incessant feeding relay.


  1. Glad to hear and the fruits of your labor!

  2. Gosh! I'd say yes...for sure.

    It's a desperate battle against the slugs and snails again here - trying to be organic and all that.

    Nina x

  3. Yes, definitely evidence of green fingers there! I know what you mean, there is so much joy to be found in growing something, especially if it's edible. How lovely that birds moved into your birdhouse. They have great taste. x

  4. You definitely have very successful green fingers! Really love your little bird house, so sweet.
    M x