Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Time

     A few mornings ago as I was going out the back door to leash up the dog for a run, this huge hawk startled me by flying low across the top of my garage.  It was pretty clear that it had been sitting on our lawn eating (!) and when it heard the door, it startled and flew to a near branch to finish its repast.  (The dog was oblivious, focused on all the tale-tell signs of a run--headphones, plastic bag, leash--oh yes!!)
After the hawk finished eating (squirrel? chipmunk? rat?!), it lifted and flew and then an even bigger, second hawk took off from a branch right above me and joined it, confirming my theory that this was a juvenile  red-tail hawk because of its white front.  But whoa!  What a start to the day!
     I love hawks, but they do interfere with my backyard bird watching because when they are around (and I suspect their nest may actually be in my yard), all the other birds lie low.  The squirrels too literally lie perfectly still and flat against a tree branch--a funny sight for creatures that are seemingly in continuous motion.  I'll have to see if I can get a picture of one some day.

     I love having time in summer to run, to read, to crochet, and to eat delicious food!!  Nothing says summer quite like bruschetta with homegrown tomatoes and basil and salty Parma prosciutto next to the  sweet taste of melon.

     All I need now is a little malvasia bianca (wine) and some torta fritta. Ah! Next summer perhaps.


  1. Whoa that would have scared the bejiminies out of me - I had a similar incident with a woodpigeon recently but this is on a different scale! Loving the bruschetta - we need the sunshine to go with it at the moment though - sigh. Have a good week x Jane

  2. I would be absolutely petrified if I saw a hawk in my back garden!! I imagine gthey are quite big. Your summer food looks and sounds delicious. I always think it's so much easier to eat lighter, fresher foods when the weather is warm. x