Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bastille Day and Retro Home Furnishings

This weekend I went to a Bastille Day celebration held in a sprawling warehouse type building that now sells antiques and art objects.  The very tall man above welcomed everyone into the puppet show.  Unfortunately, this was no Punch and Judy show. Clobbering people over the head is frowned on by most parents these days (though the moment when the hag got hit on the head by a stick--accidentally, mind you--got the biggest laughs from the kids).  There were also a few French bulldogs ambling about, and creme puffs, and free (rather terrible) French 75's.  All so French, I'm sure.

We entered a raffle to win 7 days in a humongous and luxurious Paris apartment.  But, alas, we did not win.

However, I did get this little vase.

I also got these pillows.  I just love the retro pattern, and they are very well made.

I think they go great with the colors of this chair.

This chair, while very stylish to look at, is not really all that comfortable to sit in.
Which kind of brings me back to the Bastille Day celebration.  There were barbecue pulled pork sandwiches to eat and moonshine and Coca-Cola.  Sometimes, you just gotta go with what's comfortable.


  1. LOVE those cushions - and that chair looks so good it certainly doesn't need to be comfortable! What a scary tall man ... Jane x

  2. I like your cushions and vase a lot. And that chair is really nice. What a shame it's not comfortable. I like comfortable. x