Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pretty Summer Bag

     So--after last time's somewhat hideous alien-emerging post (why does it remind me of a David Bowie movie?)--I felt the need to post something pretty.  So here it is!
      I am so happy with the way this crocheted bag came out--so summer-y.  You know, I never really know quite how something is going to turn out in the end.  I have a difficult time with color.  That's probably the most difficult part for me, and color choices can really influence the outcome of a project.
     Today I just ordered yarn on-line for the first time ever so that I can make a bag for fall--figuring if I get working on it now, it may be done by September!  I would rather support my local yarn shop, but their choices are so limited.  The weight I want is not in the colors I want, or the colors are not in the weight.  How many times have I bought yarn there on a whim and then had to continue hunting for the yarn I actually needed for my planned project?  This must be a common problem.  I end up with lots of odds and ends of yarn.
      When I finished this bag, my son's comment was, "Oh that's one of those bags that a guy carries over his shoulder on the end of a stick!"  Well, yes, I guess it is!


  1. Your bag is pretty. I find color challenging, too, which is why I almost always follow a pattern using recommended colors. Two of our three local yarn shops have closed in the past year. The remaining one is pretty good, and I use her as much as I can, but sometimes I order yarn online to get exactly what I want.

  2. I like your bag, the colours are very summery. The orange and yellow remind me of melon and the blue of the sky. I try to support my local yarn shop but the truth is it's cheaper online and if I want to place a large order, I use the internet. x

  3. What a pretty bag - the colours are perfect. Is the yarn by any chance Omega Sinfonia? It looks very sturdy but with a nice gloss. I like the way the colours kind of swirl around the base.


    1. Thanks for your comments! The yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima.