Saturday, September 7, 2013


Last Saturday we were up an in town early,

for it was the morning of the annual Dragon Con parade.  The day when people of all ages come out to show off their fantasy and science fiction (mostly) costumes before the three day convention.
The parade starts off with bag pipes--why, I do not know, but every time I've seen the start of the parade it has started with bag pipes.  Then you get a little of everything.
Some regular parade spectacles--

And then loads of these wacky, passionate people who put together their own costumes and floats.

Lots of Dr. Who this year
This is a part of a group all decked out as elements in the Periodic Table. This Con IS a nerd fest after all.

Many hobbits and elves--but this is the only Gollum I saw.  Kind of tall. And check those feet slippers!

Got a ton of pictures with the red haired guy on the left.  Funny,  I didn't even notice him when I was standing there!

It's not every day you see full grown men dressed as full out Spartans walking with spears down Peachtree Street.

A lot of characters obviously are not from warm climates, unfortunately.  It was about 90 degrees fahrenheit out there on the pavement.

If you look closely, you can see a little baby foot poking up over the edge of the cockpit.
It was close and uncomfortable really, watching this parade, but it was fun.  The people with some of the best costumes aren't in the parade, as the parade tends to leave those in it hot and sweaty--and I'll bet blistered too from some of that unfamiliar foot wear.  However, I love the wild enthusiasm of these people.  Their willingness to play.


  1. This looks like an amazing day out! I love the man dressed up as Wally on the unicycle! Your pictures are so lovely and vibrant.
    M x

  2. Where's Wally?!

    What a great parade and a fabulous reason to be up and in town early.

    Nina x

  3. Especially love the Periodic Table and the Spartans' leather underwear.... Gollum was fairly decently covered (as compared with his movie original). :)