Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cemetery Fund Raiser Day

Hang on because this is going to be a pretty picture heavy post I think.
On Sunday the local cemetery had a fund raiser.  People dress up in old Victorian style clothing and wander among the crypts and headstones.

It's an exciting day to go because many of the crypts are open, so you can go in and look at the stained glass and the names on the tombs.  There is something very Graveyard Book about the whole event.  (That's a book by Neil Gaiman about an orphaned boy who takes shelter in a graveyard.)

People move slowly here, grasping bits of detail as they go.

Somewhat incongruently, there was also an old car contest--all Cadillacs I think.  The details here were cool too!

Cool back window blinds!

Everyone had their own spin on fashion.

These were my favorites.  The woman at the right seemed to be the mother of these two girls.  One dressed as a hippie and the other as a nun.  I wonder if these costumes reveal anything about their personalities?

Check the awesome shoes!

This man said he used to ride this bike when he was a little younger, but he has learned that if you fall, it is a long way down.


I love the way the city surrounds the cemetery.  The shape of the buildings echoed in the shape of the monuments--something about the cold, solid stone is reassuring and constant.  The one truth for all.

Those are the chimneys of the old cotton mill in the back.  The poor families who worked there lived in houses shoved right up next to the factory which overlooked this cemetery.  Hazardous labor practices of the time literally had them looking out their windows into their certain grim future.


  1. Really lovely phjotos of Oakland Cemetary, I really enjoyed looking at them.
    It's a beautiful spot but you would be surprised at how many people in Georgia have never seen it!