Saturday, October 26, 2013

Days in the City

This week I had to be downtown before dawn for a teacher's conference.  I enjoyed standing on the train platform in the chill, then boarding with others and heading into the city.
My destination was the World Congress Center.  Here and there people stirred.  An early jogger, a man sweeping one of the many terraces, a pair hurrying on with tall paper cups of coffee.
I felt myself alive to this change of routine.  A sweet moment to follow new paths, breathe in new surroundings, and consider new options.
I coasted on the feeling each day.  The skies were clear and high and anything felt possible.

The students misbehaved in my absence, and said they missed me so very much.  Little do they know of these high, heady days when my mind was set spinning with them at the center.  I missed them too.

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