Sunday, October 13, 2013

I think I am naturally a hibernating animal.  Cool weather comes and I just want to burrow in and sleep.   The days are getting noticeably shorter which should mean more sleep--right?

In spite of my inertia, I did manage to set out some Halloween decorations.  When the children were little we loved putting up fake gauzy web and spiders and decorating the front door with banners and the hall doorways with dangling ghosties and little crafty things they made in school.  Last year I was too busy to put up the decorations I guess, because they stayed in the attic and when I brought them out this year, I had to clean real webs off some of them.

We call this guy Jack.  He was made by Joel Pinkerton.

I haven't bought a pumpkin yet--though I will, and maybe some of those colorful gourds.  The boys used to love to each get a teeny little pumpkin of their own.
Our house has a lot of strange little artworks in it that feel Halloweenish, but we have them up all year.  Kind of like "Jack" in the picture above.  He's always happily out with his little chalice.  So are these guys:

These guys are called The Captives

William Skrips makes these last two.  Some of his works are much darker--scary really so I wouldn't want to look at them all the time.  You can check out his work by clicking his name on the sidebar.  I really love sculptures that are made with found objects.  I love art too that has a bit of humor in it as well which I think these do.

And, it's a good time of year for this kind of silly jewelry (though I do tend to wear these "out of season").
Mmm--but everyone here is napping now, and there's the sleepy hum of the clothes dryer.  The light is fading causing the smiling cat lights smiles to glow a little brighter.  I can see the dogwood leaves have turned reddish and a plane makes a scratch sound as it passes over head.  I need to take the dog out for a run, but not right now.  I think now I just need a little rest.


  1. I have cool-weather inertia too ... every fall I just want to sleep and sleep - it takes several weeks to get over it. And getting out of bed on chilly mornings is always difficult.

    Jack is adorable - I like his little fork feet. We recently bought some forks from Goodwill to upcycle into hooks - but they are so hard to bend that Mr. M is doing only one or two at a time.

  2. I just want to sleep so much lately too - I wondered if I was coming down with something but maybe it's a reaction to the shorter days, who knows. I love your Halloween decorations, especially the string of skull lights. People don't go in for Halloween decoration so much here, but we'll have a pumpkin. x