Friday, November 8, 2013

North Georgia Mountains

Last weekend we resolved to get out of the city and spend a day scrapping around in the woods.  The air was light and crisp and clean.
We stopped impromptu at a corn maze (a maize maze) and actually, delightfully got a little lost!  We engaged in a little redneck-y activity--shooting corn stubs out of a pipe at a rusted out pick-up truck, and of course I had to adore the sweet boney triangle heads of goats.

This activity felt a bit Myth Buster.  

After a stop at the boiled peanut/fried pie/sorghum syrup man (we got the pies which were truly disappointing, especially after those Texas ones in September), we headed deeper into the hills to the state park.

These pictures are 100% NOT enhanced.  The colors were really this good.

I had remembered this as a pretty easy hike up to the falls.  When we got there however, there were all these signs saying it was a strenuous climb.  For me, it was not all that strenuous, but it wasn't the piece of cake I remembered.  When we got to the falls, we discovered a trail coming in from the other way that was a short jaunt from a parking lot!  That was the trail in my memory.
I'm glad we didn't take it though.  We wouldn't have seen nearly as much.  Especially on the way down because we took "the road less traveled" which turned out to be not as steep, but much windier and quieter and scenic.
At the end of the day, as darkness started to gather, we stopped for another mountain day must have--barbecue pork from one of these kitschy country places.

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