Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hornet Paper

Okay, so I knew I had some hornet nest paper around somewhere, and indeed I did!  Tucked in to a page in this Bob Dylan book.

Once someone I knew had hornets building a nest in a small tree in her backyard.  She pulled a chaise lounge chair under it, and lie there over a few weeks watching the hornets build.  Crazy!  This hornet paper is not from that nest.  No, it was collected long ago by my boys' father when he was a young man before I knew him.  The Bob Dylan book belonged to him too.

It was cold last week.  Ice formed over night and surprised us in the morning.

Then yesterday we had a record high of 75 degrees fahrenheit and people were going around in their shorts again.  But the leaves are mostly down, and the skies are gray, and I smiled this morning as I drove out early.  Winter is short here, and mild, which may be why I like it so well.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - I love the streaks of red in the hornet paper.

    Great ice photo - it's so striking to see the leaves captured by a sudden freeze like that.