Sunday, December 22, 2013

Writing Under the Influence

Rainy and gray all day.
These pictures were taken from inside the car.
I haven't put up one holiday decoration.
Nor baked one holiday goodie.
And until today had not bought one gift.
I take this as a sure sign that I have been on overload and am in dire need of rest.
So--in these last two days I have knitted some, read some, and went around to shop a little.
And I found this:

A first edition of one of my all time favorite books!  It was in a going out of business sale and was 80% off.  The book seller shook his head and sighed when he had to pass this over to me for $8.
I have a paperback of this book and I read it every other year or so at Thanksgiving or Christmas break.  I really love it that much.
And look at Ann Beattie.  Here's her picture on the back of the book jacket.  So young.

Good grief!
Here she is more recently, with another of my all time fav's Joyce Carol Oates:

Haha.  Looks sort of like I took this picture, doesn't it?  But no.  I robbed if from Twitter.  Two of my powerhouse influences together.  I couldn't help nabbing it.
I hear the rain on the tin roof outside the window.
Rain of the roof top.
Rain on the tree.
Rain on the green grass,
But not on me.
Cozy poem.  Now.
To get to it.
Writing Under the Influence


  1. I like your poem!

    What a treat to find a well-loved book in a first edition, and so inexpensive too. Hope you find the next few days restful, not stressful. :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect run up to Christmas to me. I wish you a happy and peaceful holiday xxx