Sunday, January 5, 2014

Home Improvements

The thing about the holidays has been that it gotten so quiet around here it makes me realize just how much noise there is usually.  I've grown so accustomed to the constant roar and roll of building and trucks and concrete pours that I don't even notice all this cacophony until no work men are around.

Here are two completed projects.  Both renovations of mysterious dwellings.

Read about this mystery here.
I think it is a little odd to have an outdoor front porch fireplace, but  really the improvement isn't so different from the original.

I wonder what my mysterious VW man would think of this place now?

This next one though, was a total tear down and rebuild.

Here, obviously, they had to really change it up.
Remember the story?
Mother's body preserved so son could collect social security checks?

This new house is HUGE.  It sits on a big chunk of land as well.  I like that.  I believe a big house should be surrounded by land.  A house, like a picture, needs just the right frame.

Each soul needs his own nest to fit his or her personality.  Personally, I prefer a small, manageable place, somewhere I can keep cozy and warm or open the windows and let a breeze riffle though, a place with lots of windows, a fireplace, and wood floors.  A cabin sort of house.

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