Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice in the ATL

Oh more icy weather!  After the debacle last time with people stuck on the road for hours and children sleeping in schools, the governor and all the schools called off school too early and we sat out for a rainy day yesterday.  The ice only started falling early early this morning.
So--what to do on during this sequester?
Well . . . Stay in pajamas as long as possible without feeling like a total sloth.

Pop up a big bowl of popcorn and finish off another good Sherlock Holmes novella.

 Update my iPod shuffle so not all of the songs are favorites from 2005!

Catch up on some simple paper grading.

Finish that knitting project!

And of course spend hours watching Downton Abbey on DVD which someone (;-)) recently gave me as a gift.

Meanwhile, the ice began to fall in earnest.  It makes a chattery sound, unlike rain or quiet snow.  The ice sticks to itself and potentially makes really big troubles here. Each pine needle on the pines gets coated with ice which then makes the branches very heavy and they break off, crashing through power lines.  Tree crews have difficulty answering all the calls and getting from place to place on the icy roads, so sometimes power can be out for days.  Luckily, that hasn't happened around here.  Yet.  And of course we are hoping it doesn't.
Glazed gate lock



The ice is supposed to turn to snow and fall throughout the night.  I'm guessing school may be closed for the rest of the week.  If not, it will open Friday.  These short little school weeks aren't bad.

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  1. I love "The Sign of Four"! It has everything a story needs: mystery, romance, treasure, a dog, and a happy ending. :)

    There's nothing wrong with sitting around in your pjs on a cold day - I do it whenever I can. Hope the ice doesn't do too much damage.