Sunday, February 2, 2014


Emergency shelter for this guy and a friend he must be stepping on here in the picture.

This one came indoors again during temperatures in the teens.

What a weird week. Even though snow was forecast, schools were open.  Then, when snow really started to fall in earnest at noon, lots of schools dismissed early and people left work which caused utter chaos. Some people were stranded in traffic for eleven or even nineteen hours! Children were stuck over night on school buses.  Some slept at school. People were sleeping at Home Depot or Target stores because they couldn't get home.  Unbelievable.  A woman even gave birth on the highway because she couldn't get to the hospital.
Luckily for me, I work outside of town, but live in town, so not many people were on my side of the road.  All of the students at my son's school live within two miles of the building, so they could all walk home.  We were all safe and sound.  We built a fire, ate grilled cheese, and watched the snow collect outside the window.
We were home for two cozy, lazy days.
Then, the snow melted and today people are out jogging in their shorts.  My son and his friends are outside filming a class project wearing only t-shirts and unzipped hoodies.  Back to status quo as if nothing happened.


  1. And all I can think of is "Ooh, a crochet hat and cowl! I wonder what yarn that is!" :)

    Snow is always exciting - even here where we get it all winter long. I love the chipmunk photo - gorgeous pine bark there.

    Hope your Bunny enjoyed its time inside. We used to have a pet rabbit long, long ago.

    1. Ah ha! The yarn is Brown Sheep Burly Spun. I love using it, though it makes things that are really too warm for this climate. It is wonderful to be able to pull these on from time to time.