Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blossoms and Wind and Tweedy Professors

I keep thinking I won't have to wear my coat anymore.  I keep thinking, "This is the last time this year I'll be able to wear this sweater dress."  Why would I think such a thing?

Because spring has sprung, of course! This weekend I bought a frame for another raised garden bed.  I bought another blueberry bush.
But that was all.  (Temperance, temperance!)
Today it is blustery and cold.  The wind pushed my car as I drove home from work. A limb just banged on the back porch roof.
Two weeks till spring break.
I try not to count down my life.  I try to savor the days, the little things.  Push exhaustion and frustration aside.
So, while I listen to this wind, I guess I'll make myself another cup of tea and look for the good in my students' papers.  Maybe imagine myself as some worn tweedy professor in an armchair.  Don't tweedy professors love reading student papers?


  1. Would that be the kind of professor who has those sweaters with the patches on the elbows?
    Oh! And I hope you have tired Yorkshire tea, it is my favorite! My husband usually makes the tea and I can tell the difference if he does not use Yorkshire tea!

  2. Another cup of tea makes everything better, even (I imagine) reading students' papers.

    Oh, I am envious of your forsythia and daffodils and pale pink blossoms! If I were a bee I too would have my nose buried in one of those flowers.

    P.S. Yes, we do have badgers here - Wisconsin is called the Badger State, and not just because of UW football. :) I don't know for sure that that's a badger sett in my photo, but have been assured by several readers that it looks just like the entrance to one. When I read up on badgers, the size and setting seemed about right, so I am going to assume that a badger lives there. We have seen a wild badger once (and only once), though it wasn't here, but down in Madison - in a small field right next to the freeway. Go figure.

  3. Hi, thank you for your comment on my blog. That's really interesting about your connection to where I live. Your blog is lovely and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.