Monday, March 10, 2014

Busy Days

It was one of those incredibly busy weeks and weekends where everything runs together.  The light burned out in the kitchen and there hasn't been time to get a new bulb.  We've only made short dashes to the store for one or two items and our reserves are depleting.  It's a burning the candle at both ends kind of time.  Hectic.

On Friday I drove out to the country feed store right after work.  I buy rabbit chow in 25 lb. bags because it is much cheaper out there, and more nutritious, than the fare that is offered at city pet stores.  I can also get a whole bale of hay which snugs down just right in the back of my city car.
I love to stop in at the feed store because I never know what I'll see.  Sometimes a little goat or baby bunnies, or--like Friday--heaps of baby chicks!

I was so delighted!  They were all peeping like crazy and swarmed from one end of their bucket or trough to the other when people approached.

On Saturday I got to listen to dozens of teenagers reciting poetry at our regional Poetry Out Loud contest.  So inspiring!  We had to be there at 12:30 and didn't get out until around 5:00.  We were starved!  I usually don't eat like this--cheese burgers and fries and a Coke--but boy!  These were fabulous.
Roasted--much better than boiled

I felt silly taking pictures of this food.
But anyway.
The school day has been extended to make up for lost time due to the snow days, and now the clocks have changed too, so as a result I'm just exhausted.  Maybe this week I'll catch my breath.
(Not likely.  But I'm hoping.)

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  1. Oh boy that cheeseburger looks amazing. Sometimes you just can't beat a good burger and fries. Yum. You've made me hungry now! x