Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Skeleton and Spring Seedlings

Well here's a Happy Easter kind of thing.
It's an attention getter for a chiropractic office in a part of town where feather boa's could be a norm for some clientele.
I have been so busy I haven't had much time to stop and photograph anything, so I haven't put up any new posts in an age.
I spent a lot of time cleaning up winter's muck and getting a garden going, putting in more plants this year than ever.  Then it turned cold and we feared we might have planted too soon, but luckily everything survived just fine.

Hopeful little rows of beans and peas are sprouting up.  Very exciting!
We also have tomatoes, cucumber, and peppers.  We chose to mostly stick to what grew well last year.
New this time though is an eggplant, garlic, and a tomatillo plant.  The Barefoot Garden Guy seems to have lost interest in gardening for now.  He didn't grow lettuces this year and his garden space is a neglected mess.  Too bad.  He supplied us with more eggplant than we really needed, and squash, and tomatillos. Oh well.  His interests shift like that.  I just hope he is okay.  He was so enthusiastic.


  1. Well there's something you don't see every day! Glad to see your garden's coming up okay - love watching everything pop up at this time of year x Jane

  2. I've not done any seeds this year......looks like your beans are off to a good start. Xxx