Saturday, April 26, 2014

Festival Season

Today kicked off the beginning of the neighborhood festival season.

Without intending to, we found ourselves arriving right at parade time.
Often, more people walk in the parade than watch.  It is notoriously outrageous.  And long.

We took a few snaps, had a few laughs, and ditched out of the crowds through a short trail in the woods.

The streets were still really too crowded to wholeheartedly meander and enjoy, though this part of town is gorgeous with old houses.

We bought some art and drank lemonade, stopped in for a few tunes from a band,

watched the first dance performance of the afternoon,

then headed home.  Where I stretched out in my little corner of the sofa and caught a cat nap.


  1. It looks so warm and FLOWERY there!

    What was the festival? Red was obviously the colour of the day. Such gorgeous houses.

    1. It IS amazingly flowery here! It was called the Inman Park Festival--a neighborhood festival. So many neighborhoods have street festivals here it can get tiresome, but every once in awhile it's fun to go.