Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finally! Summer Begins

Tonight we lit the grill and I feel the summer season has finally arrived!

These last few weeks have been particularly crammed.
There were two birthdays, celebrated so close together we only needed one tremendous cake,

costume building for a convention,

and general end-of-the-school-year mayhem, that led to mornings of pulling on clothes straight out of the dryer because we'd fallen asleep the night before (or the night before that!) and hadn't had time to put anything away.  This was the state of my dining table!

I despise this type of rushed living and disarray.  But sometimes it can't be helped.

There were just too many end-of-school tangles to straighten out.  This involved building next year's new academy pathway schedules for teachers and students, interviewing and hiring new teachers, moving classrooms, overhauling our methods of instruction in a week long intensive workshop, and yesterday and today moving thousands of novels from one storage room to another.  I came home, took two Alleves and laid on a ice pack.

But now--it's all finished--and I can finally breathe!!  Ah!

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