Friday, June 6, 2014

Red Sky at Night

Look at that sky!  It was redder than this, less pink, in real life.  Crazy beautiful after rain.

I wouldn't say today has been "sailor's delight" really though either.  It keeps showering off an on.  Which is good for plants.  They are all growing wild.
Peas in the middle are taller than me!

Three kinds of  beans--probably still too crowded.

Mint taking over everything.  Must make mojitos--LOTS of mojitos.

The air is full of the hazy perfume of magnolia and gardenia.  And hydrangeas are bursting with color.



  1. I just love to grab some mint in my hand, squeeze it, then sniff - that smell is pure summer to me. It reminds me of being told by my grandmother to go and pick some mint from the herb garden for the new potatoes. Yours is certainly growing in abundance! x

  2. Oh, those hydrangeas! I would love to have them in my garden!
    And I missed that purple sky, I saw it on the news the next day but I missed it, I had to make cornbread muffins for a baby shower at work! Oh well!