Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Story With Light

So, for the 5th Make Cycle in my online workshop, the challenge was to make a story with light.
Some people made really cool boxes with lights in them that projected stories on a wall.  Some people wrote little stories and attached LED strips to make them glow.  I thought of the children's book by Eric Carle The Very Lonely Firefly, and how pleasing the surprise lights are at the end.
But, what I wanted to do was something with iMovie so I could learn how to use it better so I can help my older students use it (or Moviemaker).
So, I went out and started gathering footage of lights in the night while the idea of a plot wrestled around in my mind.  Really, I found this so exciting!

(Actually these are all pictures from a year ago, and may already be on this blog.  But I do so love the city at night!!)

Ultimately, I decided on a kind of free form improvised poem that rambles along with the images--kind of like Jack Kerouac did in Pull My Daisy.  I had to write a lot of my words down and back up and rerecord so they synced with the images.
I have tried to load the video here many times, but it just won't work, so to watch it you will have to go to the sidebar.  Ah well.

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