Saturday, August 9, 2014

Creepy Crawlies and Rain

Pools that collect on the granite surface of Mount Arabia

King snake

Poblano pepper

It has been as tropical here as ever.  Little rains come up nearly every day.  Or torrents like yesterday, which stormed in and blew over trees and filled our little dog washing bathing pool up so high it flooded. On those sultry days when the rain doesn't actually fall, the sky is heavy and full and the air feels thick.  It's uncomfortable to move.
On the day we took the nature hike, we were all so sweaty we looked as if we had been rained on.  Our clothes were that wet!  Bleh!
But, it's good weather for toads.  And snakes, who eat toads.
My oldest son is something of a snake magnet.  We also saw a black racer that day, telescoping around among some lily pads, but as soon as he saw us--bam! He was off.  They don't call him a racer for nothing.
Meanwhile, it has been a back-to-school week, which means exhaustion as we adjust to new rhythms and expectations.  August, in my mind, should still be holidays--swinging in hammocks and eating Bomb Pops.  Ah well.


  1. What great photos of the wildlife!

  2. Love all-the wonderful photos, I would never pick up that snake! Eek!