Sunday, August 24, 2014

Making Things: Granola and Crochet

I am a big believer in eating breakfast.  My ideal breakfast is oatmeal.  However, getting up before dawn and cooking is out of the question, so I keep bananas on hand even though I am not a great fan of bananas.  But it gets me a serving of fruit and is an easy grab-and-go food.  This week I made granola bars.  This granola is so delicious!  My oldest son used to love it when he was little, especially the little clumps of wheat germ.  He would pick them out gobble them up. (It wasn't in bars. We mostly eat it loose.)

cherry almond variety

I always aim to be a healthy eater, though I have to admit I love cheese puffs and Coke.  That is about my all time favorite junk food combination.  I know if I am craving that, then I am hungry and probably tired too.
Luckily, I don't keep those things around the house, so if I am to eat them, I have to go buy them which is an extra step that makes me reconsider and keeps me from caving in.  Most of the time.

Slowly, slowly I have also been working on a crochet scarf.  I love the fall colors.  I have hardly had any time to work on it, and it isn't repetitive enough for me to do in a relaxed half attentive sort of way.  I have to have my brain on to do it, so these evenings of mush mind have not been conducive to this pattern.

Ruden's scarf from Interweave

I'm half done.  By the time fall is here I may have it finished.  No.  I will have it done by then.  I'm just feeling sorry that I can't just push all my school work aside and work on this instead--much more fun!  I just love the leaf like design in this and the yarn.  I bought it as a kit, which I hardly ever do, but I couldn't imagine doing it any differently.

I know this week will be another busy one, though I am beginning to get my feet under me.  And then, next weekend is a long one.  Whoohoo!  Working on this scarf will definitely be on the agenda.


  1. The scarf is beautiful and reminds me of the color of your yummy looking granola.

  2. Maybe my eyes are going, but I too was struck by how similar your scarf looks to your granola bars!
    You should call it your granola scarf!
    I often have to work on my mind turning to mush, quite often, in fact.

  3. I recognise that pattern - very perfect for this time of year!

    Those granola bars look wonderful. Regarding oatmeal and having to get up before dawn - sounds like you might be a fan of steel-cut or Irish? I just eat the old-fashioned kind - pour a little boiling water over and let stand for 5 minutes, then top as desired. (I like my oatmeal chewy.)

    Potato chips and Pepsi for me.... And yes, not keeping them in the house is a very good deterrent. :)