Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dream Cars

This weekend we went to a fantastic show of concept cars.  This is the second car show I've seen at the High Museum, and both were amazing.
The cars are so big and shining.  Imagine driving any of them!

This big old guy called the Scarab was a little bit caravan.  Check out the front and back details.

My favorite was this wing-y futuristic model the Ghia Gilda.  I'd love to take this for a spin!  Looks like flame would shoot out the tail pipe at the back.

Loved the door handle! 

This car had a glass bubble like top.

And this one was some sturdy gangster-like model.  A chic girl in white fur would emerge from this.

There was another cool one that I LOVED (a super low Ferrari that looked like it might fly), but my camera was not in my hands and when we got home, we realized no one had even snapped it once.  Alas.
(Funny.  Around our house, we really do say "alas.")

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  1. Everyone has their own dream car that they want to buy someday. And I do love the ones you chose for your dream cars. I also have always wanted to own one of those vintage cars. They really look amazing and classy!

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler