Friday, September 12, 2014


It's sad when a big old tree has to be taken down.  Some of them here in the Buffer Zone have been senselessly cut down to make room for big houses and trucks that need to maneuver around on tight lots to put up big houses.  But, I think this big guy in the picture was sick.  You can see he had some hollowness that looks like rot in his trunk.  A lady pointed out what she thought was a bluish tinge to the inner bark which she believed to be an indicator of lightening damage.  I wasn't so sure.

Also, here is our last little harvest of pole beans before I cleared out the plants.  The velcro like leaves were yellowing--getting what I think of as "plant fatigue" as August winds up and the hot days stretch on into September.  You know how you start off pulling a few beans and then there are more than a handful, so you put them in your pocket or the front of your shirt because you didn't really mean to start pulling beans in the first place?  Well, that's what was happening here.

It's raining now.  Here at the school week's end, I'm feeling a little bit of "person fatigue" haha.


  1. I just hate it when trees get cut down, that one must have been amazing.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. I tried to post a comment a few days ago, but blogger doesn't like me for some reason and it didn't take. I will try again! Anyway, I hate seeing trees get cut down. The emerald ash borer killed nearly every ash tree in our neighborhood a few years ago, and that left some streets treeless. Now suddenly the maples are dying. We had to have one removed a few years ago, and just this week the house a few doors down had two large trees removed.

    I hope your cookie works out for you. One day when my son was a toddler he announced he wanted a big smiley face cookie, so we made shortbread in a pie pan and added a face with chocolate chips.