Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Lantern Parade

I have been so busy going around and being a half tourist of my own town this week that I have loads to put up on this blog.  However, in the interest of time and attention spans, I am going to break all of it up into smaller posts.
Last night was the annual Lantern Parade in the city.  This was the fifth parade celebrating the construction and completion of a beautiful walking, jogging, biking pathway connecting points through the city in what was once dangerous wasteland where no one dared to venture (or had reason to)-- especially at night.  Now it is full of permanent art installations, fountains, trails, loft space and stylish apartments.
I met up with an old college friend I hadn't seen for over--well, for many years.  We were delighted and amazed.  Her young daughter was with us, so we watched a little of the parade, and marched along a little too.  Everyone brought lanterns, homemade or bought, and we all had a fabulous time celebrating how much we love our city.
People gathering before the parade.

The start of the parade.  Here come the really elaborate lanterns!

I realized pretty quickly that I would not be able to take photos of everything.  I had to just shut off my camera and enjoy the rush and sensation of being there in the moment.  
All of these joyful people and their creative individuality was infectious!  As we left, we were already planning our lanterns for next year.


  1. What a fun event, and a great way to celebrate the transformation of wasteland into useful and beautiful space.

    I like those eyeball lanterns. :)

  2. Wow it looks fab - love the eyes on the lanterns. I always get quite teary when people get together to celebrate a common cause - such a bonding experience x Jane

  3. It looks like a wonderful event to experience with your friend. Glad you took time to really enjoy it.