Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Quiet Day At Home (with one foot up)

There's nothing quite like a rainy weekday at home.  Everything's so calm and slow, like it's morning all day.  An unexpected rainy day off seems especially this way.

Unfortunately, this unexpected day off came on behalf of an unexpected fall/stumble down the stairs at my school.  I was caught up in a rush of students going down stairs and lost my balance--in medium heels no less.  But I had to be on time for the next class, across and up more stairs in the next building.  I hoped I could just shake it off and keep going.  So I tried.  
All day, I traversed as usual, up and down stairs and around my classroom as I must, championing my rag tag teens into focusing on the tasks at hand.  But at two o'clock I knew this wasn't something I could "shake off."  Dang!
I ended up at the hospital for x-rays and got this pretty boot and some pills.  It is only a sprain, luckily, but I am supposed to stay off of it.

I have to admit my vanity.  In the hospital I was wishing I had a nice pedicure with polish.
I hate to be struck down like this and dependent.  I could really go in tomorrow, but I don't think I can drive the thirty minutes to the school.  I am having to face the truth that I just don't bounce like I used to, and that is a sort of pain in itself.
So, I am going to do some grading and crochet and enjoy looking out the window.
I am trying not to stress over the fact that my students are taking a holiday instead of doing their work, and maybe robbing the supply cabinet I did not think to lock.

This is the Olive Twist Shawl!


  1. All I could think was "Crochet time!" But I'm very sorry to hear of your fall. I hope the pain will ease up quickly so you can enjoy some of that enforced time off.

    Thought that stitch pattern looked familiar! :)

  2. You poor thing, at least it wasn't your wrist now that would have prevented some serious crochet time. I am making my third Olive Twist shawl and still love it so much.
    Hugs and get better,