Sunday, October 12, 2014


On Saturday morning I ran a 5K.  I used to be a fairly avid runner--at times going four miles a day.  These days I am a weekend runner during the school year.  A daily run is something I had to sacrifice when I started working full time.  I'm just too tired at the end of the day and there are so many other things that take priority.

Well, over the summer, my sister and I got to talking to our sister-in-law who runs marathons (and also works full time and has two children!), and we decided that we'd try to run some 5Ks to keep us going.  So, I started the challenge this weekend. Friday at work, I was thinking, "No, I have too much too do.  I can't put this in on top of everything else.  I just need a rest."  But, by Friday night, I had resolved to go.  And I am so glad I did!

The route we ran took me through memory lane:

-Here is the soccer field we used to come to on those cold Saturday mornings, shivering in camaraderi with other uncomfortable parents, lamenting that we couldn't sleep in.

-Here are the picnic tables the pizzas were delivered to when I was the team mom

-Here is the Boys and Girls Club I dropped my son's friend at.  His mother once picked him up early at our house after a sleep over so he wouldn't miss church.  He had never eaten Chinese food.  He dropped out of school and went to jail, though I can't imagine him that way.  He is still a polite little boy in my minds' eye.

-Here is the place my son witnessed some guys leaving a robbery.  A policeman called our house to ask him further questions about the incident.

-Here is the place where I dropped off my son for a rafting trip.  I was working two jobs and had to send him to camp.  I signed a waiver that acknowledged that rafting was dangerous and could result in death.  I tried not to think about that as I waved goodbye to him and pulled out of the parking lot.

-Here is the shelter that so many times I came to pick up a car full of sweat smelling boys staying out of the rain.

-Here is the route of the Halloween parade.

-Here is the remodeled school, but before it was remodeled we stood in the twilight and watched hundreds of swifts return to the chimney.

-Here is where a man rode a horse into the square at night and tethered him to the bike rack.

I can't believe really how many parts of my life were set in that part of town!  I am glad I did the run, and realize that half the battle of exercise is mental.  I am especially inspired by gray haired people running.  That is what I want to be!  Strong and moving forward.


  1. Wow, congratulations! You did it! And now that you've started it will be easier to keep going - momentum, you know.... How poignant that the course stirred so many memories. A very good reason to keep running and building new ones.

    My best friend from high school is an avid runner (probably like your sister-in-law). She loves it so much she can't NOT run, and dreads the day her knees give out. I wish I enjoyed any form of exercise that much! (I do like cycling but it's only half enjoyment. The other half is conscience-driven.) :)

  2. You did it and you have the t shirt to prove it! Good for you.

  3. Good for you!!!! I am so proud of you getting out there and running that race.

  4. I've only ever run one 5K and certainly couldn't do it at the moment so Well Done to you :) I enjoyed reading about your memories too. And... it was nice to see a photo of you! You look very happy. It's been a while since I posted one of myself, maybe I should...

  5. Good for you, I bet that felt good. I like running, but haven't been for a while. My running buddy moved to Australia - how's that for an excuse! I like the way your run jogged so many memories for you. x